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"These bulky hard knuckled gloves can protect the wearers hands from road rash at 60 mph. White leather and red stitching make these gloves as stylish as they are comfortable. For what he's charging us, you'd think Huxley could at least throw in a tin of mints... - Felix Riley, Commanding Officer." - CS2

These popular Moto Gloves, known for their knuckle covering, are one of the most loved gloves in the CS2 skins community. The simple white design with a gentle green pattern and a red stripe make these such a unique pair of gloves that perfectly match their name. But instead of paying 15,000 USD for a pair of factory-new Spearmint gloves, you can grab a pair of our real-life Moto Gloves | Spearmint for just 55.9 USD !

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